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International Sales Representitive 

1. Bachelor degree or above, communications, optics, physics and marketing, English and other related major;
2. Good English ability, fluent oral English
3. International sales experience in communication electronic products more than 1 years, light communication industry experience is preferred;
4. Good negotiation skills and strong communication skills, capable of developing customer;
5. Presentable, character cheerful, quick thinking;
6. Honest and trustworthy, team spirit and strong resistance;
7. Can adapt to domestic and overseas traveling.

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for market development, customer visits, business negotiations;
2. Responsible for receiving orders, sample information, sending samples;
3. Responsible for customer relationship management,payment follow-up;
4. Be responsible for market research, to participate in major products exhibition;
5. Responsible for the collection of market information with the industry, keeping track of the market development trends;
6. Responsible for customer satisfaction surveys, customer complaint handling;
7. Responsible for the order review, participate in the system evaluation, implementing policy target execution,accompany and guide customer's factory visiting .