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New Products
Shenzhen OPWAY Communication Co., Ltd is dedicated to desiging ,manufacturing and supplying series of fiber optical products and services.We have attracted plenty of fiber optics experts with over 10 years' experience in the fiber optical communication market.We can provide full fiber optical transceiver solutions.Our products are now widely used in MAN, LAN, SAN, Fiber Channel, FTTX   and  wireless  fields etc. 

      OPWAY continues in investing the advanced fiber optics technology and developing new transceiver products for the rapidly growing fiber optical communication market.We can supply CFP, CFP2, CFP4, QSFP28, QSFP+, SFP28, SFP+, XFP, X2, XENPAK, SFP, GBIC , 1×9, CWDM,  DWDM and Bi-di transceiver which are MSA(Multi-Sourcing Agreement) compliant .OPWAY has been serving customers all over the world including China, Europe ,North American,Asia-pacific and CLS Countries etc.

      OPWAY has series of products used in the cloud computing data center application ,such as 40Gbps QSFP+ cable ,QSFP+/SFP+ cable,QSFP+/SFP+ transceivers,which can provide customers with good compatibility,high quality customization and design services.At the same time, my company for industrial switches.and the light of the smart grid also offers a complete module solution. OPWAY  insists on quality first and set up integrated quality management system with ISO9001 quality system certification and CE,FCC,TUV  and RoHS product certification. 

     Our independent research and development  of  series of products have obtained nearly 20 patents of invention and practicability.We promise to provide our customers high performance,cost effective products with best services and best technology support .